Commercial Cleaning

Hard service cleaning and restoration to commercial premises throughout the Wiltshire area

Swindon Jet Washing Services offer professional exterior hard service cleaning and restoration to commercial premises in Swindon, Wiltshire and the whole of the South West, projects include cleaning walkways, stairways, patio areas and customer seating areas. Unavoidably, over time, dirt, grime and pollutants will gradually build up, resulting in a deterioration of the aesthetics of the retail, commercial or industrial premises. As the saying goes first impressions count and a poorly presented exterior could have an adverse impact on your business. We can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively restore it to its former glory and ensure your all important corporate image is protected.

Apart from the obvious improvements to the appearance of a commercial property there is the important aspect of keeping areas used by the public and staff safe. Slippery paths and stairways are an unnecessary hazard, which regular maintenance can prevent.


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