Decking Cleaning

Essential preparation for staining

Swindon Jet Washing also offers Professional decking cleaning. Decking cleaned and treated by Swindon Jet Washing Services is left clean and beautifully coloured through the use of our cutting edge cleaning equipment and high quality solutions. Washing your wooden surfaces will not only clean them but is essential in preparing them for re-staining.


Decking Restoration

Moss and algae growth is common on decking throughout the UK as the climate is not conducive to easy maintenance of decking. If left un-treated this leads to accelerated deterioration of the decking, making the decking extremely slippery especially after rainfall. To clean the decking and protect it from the UV rays of sunlight, which over time fade the colours in the wood, it is important to use the correct equipment and solutions. Swindon Jet Washing have specialised equipment designed to ensure that dirt is quickly removed along with algae and moss without damaging the wood